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About This Project

At the end of October, euroMind Seville hosted a group of 16 students from Havířov in the Czech Republic. In Seville they were carrying out placements, working as bioclimatic house designers.


This placement required the trainees to manage multiple responsibilities and tasks, as well as learning numerous new skills. These included creating bioclimatic houses in 2D and 3D (external walls, interior divisions, empty spaces, and different layers forming the houses). Additionally, they created house furniture, and measured and customized coordinates. This was all on a computer programme that they were taught how to use whilst on their placements.


Additionally, the trainees were able to experience cultural activities during their time in Seville. The first of these activities was a trip to the Metropol Parasol, or ‘Las Setas’ as it is also known, where they were able to enjoy incredible views of the whole city from the viewing platform.  They also participated in a Seville Tour run by euroMind, where they were shown some of the most important historical places in the city, as well as some good places to shop and eat. Finally, the group visited Gibraltar for an exciting day trip during their time in Spain. Here, they were able to climb to the top of the Rock and see the views out to the North of Africa, and of course Gibraltar’s famous monkeys.


The students really enjoyed their time in Spain, and are excited to take the skills that they learned back with them to the Czech Republic. The opportunities for both professional development and cultural enrichment will prove invaluable in their futures.


Dorota Wachtarczyková

What I liked about our placement was that we were learning a new programme, and that it was something different than we do in school in the Czech Republic. There was nothing that I didn’t enjoy!

Barbora Oborná

The first lessons were quite stressful and difficult as we had to get to know the programme for the first time, but our teacher was very helpful. I enjoyed working with AutoCAD (the computer programme), although spending so much time at the computer could be a little tiring. I liked the coffee breaks too, where we had the opportunity to get away from the computer for a while.



Project Details

Project Title: Green architecture
Project Number: 2019-1-CZ01-KA102-060672
Number of participants: 16
Country: Czech Republic, Havířov

All Projects, Graphic Design, Renewable energies