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About This Project

In November of 2016, 17 very motivated trainees from Bialystok, Poland, came to Seville to take part in a two-week traineeship in the field of CNC.


The tasks of the interns included the following:


  • familiarizing with safety health requirements in machining workshop
  • montage of cut tool and raw material
  • traditional milling machine operation
  • traditional lathe machine operation
  • learning the basics of CNC programming
  • programming CNC machines
  • design of 3D parts using a computer and CAD/CAM software
  • create a simulation and verification of the machining process using a computer and CAD/CAM software


Apart from that, the trainees also went on a study visit to a CNC company and they visited the city of Cadiz. The trainees did a great internship and we hope they went home with a lot of new knowledge and skills.


Maciej Kołodziej1

Maciej Kołodziej:

‘This kind of vocational training was very interesting. I learned a lot of new skills, I saw how a CNC machine works and I love that, I think I will work as mechatronic. I used Catia and I think this program is very good. I prepared a lot of parts and we created it in CNC machine.’

Konrad Banasik

Konrad Banasik:

‘The vocational training was very good. I saw a lot of new interesting machines like CNC machine. That will be very helpful in my future mechatronic job. The vocational training allowed me to see how to operate CNC machines and work in group. These are very important skills.’



Project Details

Project Title: Młody Europejczyk - mobilny, wszechstronnie wykształcony fachowiec!
Project Number: 2015-1-PL01-KA102-016123
Number of participants: 17
City & country: Białystok (Poland)

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