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About This Project

An ambitious group of nineteen students came all the way from Plock to Seville to expand their knowledge about drones and to get to know Spanish culture and people.

The host organization created many opportunities to let the interns gain some insights into the design and manufacture of air tools. They had a chance to build a drone from scratch as well as to create a joystick to control it. The Polish students operated drones using different types of movements, flight modes and configuration. They also learnt how to prevent accidents by following safety rules.

What is more, the group was provided with a wide ange of cultural activities. During Seville tour they visited the most beautiful places situated in the capital of Andalusia. The students went on a trip to Cadiz, a historic town located by the ocean. They travelled to Portugal where they enjoyed the beach in Albufeira. The cultural activities also included an intensive Spanish course.



Mateusz Pietrzak

During an internship in Spain, I learned to build and program drones. I also practiced flying the drone on a simulator. I trained my English and team work.

Adrian Sienkiewicz

On a first day we learned basic information about drones. Later we used cut2d to design drone parts when we finished the given projects, we made our own parts. Next days we trained soldering. Almost every day we practiced flying with a drone on a simulator. Teacher was a nice guy. Overall I liked it there.

Piotr Krysiak

In practical classes, I learned to design elements of the drone. Assemble individual elements of the drone and mount propeller engines and other elements needed to control the drone. The next stage was programming the drone using the controller. I also had the opportunity to fly the drone in the simulator. I liked drone assembly and designing the most during classes.




Project Details

Project Title: Edukacja europejska kluczem do sukcesu
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048766
Number of participants: 19
Country: Poland, Plock

All Projects, Electronics, IT, Robotics
Drones, IT, Operating, Technology