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About This Project

At the turn of May and June 2019 a group of 6 young students from Slovenia came to Seville. They were happily greeted by the team of euroMind and by their new tutors from Host Organization. The aim of this one-month practice was to gain professional experience in IT programming, which is the great start for their future careers.


The Host Organization, considered as one of the 20 most relevant Start Up in the world and the 90% of its turnover comes from outside Spain, was a young Sevillian company born in 2013. It dedicates itself to engineering, mainly specializing in the development of humanoid robots to be used in different fields, for example: entertainment, retail, marketing, health, education, tourism, and household use. The company’s robots are also used at events and for artistic purposes. The company has received many prizes; therefore, the internship was a real honor for the participants. Its capacity to innovate and to extrapolate this innovation from the market has allowed the Host Organization to achieve fast growth. Students had a great chance to learn from experienced specialists.


The students were responsible for distinguishing hardware and software for Nao and Sanbot and controlling robots through smartphone applications. Moreover they were programming and controlling Nao through the Choreographed software, identifying and manipulating movement and creating tasks in the trumpet application.


Apart from learning and gaining practical experience, the group had a chance to discover the cultural site of Seville while taking a city tour. They also went to Faro, a beautiful charming town in southern Portugal, full of impressive monuments. Without any doubt, all the students made great memories and challenged themselves while working in Spain.


Jan Merher

During my work I have been introduced to robotics and components required to build a functional robot. We were given an opportunity to work on industrial grade robots. The work environment was amazing, complemented with a great mentor. During free days and weekends we had the chance to explore Seville and its surroundings. I really enjoyed this experience.

Tomaž Čuk

I stayed in Seville for four weeks and I did an internship in a Host Organization. We learned about robots and how they work. Our teacher was very friendly and he has taught us new things we hadn’t known before. We were staying in an accommodation which had really good food. On weekends we explored Spain: We went to Cádiz and to Faro with a group of Bulgarians and went to the beach which was really good.



Project Details

Project Title: Inovative Intercultural Technological Competences for The Professions of The Future (IM-TECH)
Project Number: 2018-1-SI01-KA102-046769
Number of participants: 6
Country: Slovenia, Ljubljana

All Projects, Electronics, IT
IT, Programming