A group of Greek trainees came to Seville to develop their skills in IT, administrative, agriculture and tourism sector! | Euromind
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About This Project

A little from a greater distance, we were able to welcome students in Seville who arrived from the Greek school EPAL Agrias.

Students had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills from various fields such as the IT sector when the student had to use various programming languages to develop the web, the trainee of Agriculture was working in a garden company, where she could learn about gardening supplies and equipment or planting and purring plants. The trainees of administration were engaged in creating and modifying documents using Microsoft Office using, receiving deliveries, and stock management. The student of Tourism was assisting in the development of tours in different points of the city and assisted in the reservation process, issuing tickets and vouchers.

During 2 weeks, students could find out what it is like to work in Spanish companies, meet new people, and new habits that will help them in their professional life.


Nikolaos Dimakis

The tasks that i have been doing were related to programming(Visual Studio Code): HTML code, Python code etc. The positive thing is the fact that I gained new knowledge. The person in charge was polite and understanding of our lack of knowledge. It was monotonous at times. It was overall an interesting, positive experience with the only downside being it was at times very tiring, but that is part of the fun. Definitely a great way for a student to “open their wings”, gaining some work experience in a different environment and experiencing a previously unknown culture.

Nikolaos – Gerasimos Katsifos

Tasks were simple and well explained. For my first tasks, I was given a list of books and an receipt from a delivery that was made and my job was to check if the receipt had the corresponding book in the list. Another task was to classify some books count them and pack them. Lastly I made notebooks. I counted the pages, pressed them, stamp the pages with the cover and press them again. I like the communication and how friendly my tutors were toward me(Senora Maria & Senor Emmanuel). The tasks were interesting too. Also I really liked the calm feeling my workplace was giving. It was not stressful at all. I would love to participate again if this opportunity was given to me again. Sevilla is a beautiful city with lots of attractions while also being extremely tourist friendly. I would happily recommend to a friend or a relative to participate.




Project Details

Project Title:
Project Number: 2021-1-EL01-KA121-VET-000018443
Number of participants: 10
Country: Agria, Greece

Agriculture, All Projects, Business Administration, Gardening, IT, Tourism
administration, Agriculture, Garden, IT, tourism