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About This Project

16 students from Zespół Szkół Techniczno-Informatycznych in Busko Zdrój came to Málaga mid April to gain more experience as mobile app developers during two-week-internship.


The students worked together in one company, gaining experience under the guidance of Spanish tutors. They were thus able to count on the support of their groupmates, solve problems together and, most importantly, gain new skills in the IT area.


After their placements, the students attended a Spanish course and visited Andalusia. They went on an excursion to Mijas, where they were able to see donkey taxis and participate in a chocolate-making workshop. They also went to Córdoba, where they were captivated by the city’s unique architecture and rich history.


The feedback is unanimous, it was an intense, but in the most positive sense, 2 weeks!


Adam Dariusz Banaszek

Our 2 weeks were crazy and I want to remind ourselves of those amazing days. Our first days were very interesting. We visited the area of Malaga, monuments, and other interesting places. In practical classes, we learned how to make mobile applications with a very helpful tutor. Our Spanish lessons were very interesting. During the weekend we visited the beautiful cities of Spain Cordoba and Mijas, we also made our own chocolates and went to the seaside. Personally, I think that our coordinator was well prepared, she was very nice and I would recommend everyone to sign up for the Erasmus program.

Michał Drozdowski

Two weeks in Málaga thanks to Erasmus + was great. It was the greatest adventure of my life. I had the opportunity to undergo very valuable apprenticeships. On which I had the opportunity to learn to program games. The learning experience was very pleasant. And in my spare time I had the opportunity to explore this beautiful country. I am very happy with this stay. It was an amazing time.



Project Details

Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA102-078676
Number of participants: 16
Country: Busko-Zdrój, Poland

All Projects, IT, Media, Web Development
App, IT, mobile app