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About This Project

In July group of 20 students from Stanislaw Staszica school complex No. 1, together with their teachers visited Malaga to do a 3-weeks internship in five different fields: Gardener, logistic, Computer numerical control operator, electrician, air conditioning technician.


All students had different tasks depending on their field and knowledge, for example, Gardeners were preparing new garden sites and plots using hand tools or machines. Loading, unloading, and moving gardening supplies and equipment, mowing a lawn Hoeing, weeding, digging, watering, and taking care of plants, pruning plants and hedges.

Air conditioning technicians were checking the condition and the status of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, performing corrective and preventive services of maintenance for different types of equipment, repairing any defect and failure that appears in air conditioning systems, checking and seeing if the faults and defects are repaired properly.

Logistic was assisting with inventory management. Assisting in the management planning and order of the warehouse. Assisting with the coordination of the store space upon arrival of the new delivery of goods and check their stat. Preparing the orders which are going to be sent  Identifying the structure and the organization of the company relating them to the type of service provided.


Electricians were assisting in the installation of the light system. Preparing and installing components of the light system by applying appropriate techniques and procedures. Gathering all needed materials, tools, and other working equipment and preparing the worksite. Ensuring that the work equipment is maintained in an efficient state. Supervising the correct functioning of the already existing lighting systems of the building.

Computer numerical control operators were using counters and applying the knowledge of metrology, Interpreting plans and technical pictures. Operating and monitoring machines for cutting, drilling, and grinding the metal. Checking the results of operations and if it is not satisfactory, call the adjuster.



During their stay in Malaga, the trainees not only developed their work skills, but they also took part in different cultural activities such as Malaga tour, Malaga Boat Trip Catamaran and workshops which allowed them to get acquainted with Spanish culture and feel like Spanish people in the city of Malaga.


The trainees also had the opportunity to travel around the Andalucía region and see the amazing village Ronda. During the day trip, the students were able to see the beautiful scenery surrounding Ronda including its well-preserved old town which has Arab Baths, defense walls, and small churches.


Apart from cities, students have visited one of the most beautiful places in Andalucía – Caminito del Rey. Is a walkway across The Gorge Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes which is a natural gorge, situated in the center of the province, between the towns of Alora, Antequera, and Ardales.


The group got an intensive Spanish course with the highly educated teachers from euroMind, which helped them to understand a culture, communicate with local people and make new friends.
EuroMind team hopes that the experience which trainees had in Malaga will be unforgettable.


Karolin Smuga

Erasmus+ is the program that I participated in. I learned a lot of new skills which I can use in my future job. One of them is speaking and writing in Spanish. I really enjoyed lessons with our teacher, who used various ways of teaching. I also enjoyed our trips. We went to Ronda and Fuengirola. In our free time, we were swimming in the sea, sunbathing and got to know the culture of Spain. We also tasted local food, for example, churros. In conclusion, I think that the program Erasmus+ helps young people to develop and learn about other countries.




Radosław Rogulski

In Spain, I learned to communicate with an employee of the company.  In my spare time, I integrated with my colleagues.  At the same time, it is fun to spend time to slow time.  My passion was also developing.  I also learned a lot of interesting things about my profession, which I learn at school. There were a few communication problems. At the same time, I learned to master my position. Arrange your artwork. I increased my skills.  I met fascinating people.




Kacper Mosur

After spending 3 weeks staying, and I thought the start was pretty clunky at HUBR, the food was pretty average, but the rooms were single which was a plus. After moving us to euroMind residence, the food and the rooms were good. The trips were great, I was able to visit new places and admire beautiful views. I liked the internship very much, I gained new skills, I met new people. I also got to know the current Spanish language. The lessons were conducted very well and the atmosphere was nice and humorous. To sum up, I liked the whole trip, not counting some incidents, I would definitely come back here again.






Project Details

Project Title: Euromechan _hiszpańskie inspiracje w polskim technikum
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-078346
Number of participants: 20
Country: Poland, Olkusz

All Projects, Electricians, Gardening, IT, Logistics
air condition., computer, electrician, Experience, Garden, logistic