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About This Project

Students from Slovenia came to Malaga to gain experience in several fields as a nurse, shop assistant, administrative. For only two weeks they worked in host companies, which were happy to train future employees so that in the future each of us could use the experienced staff of many institutions.

Persons gaining experience in administration were responsible under the supervision of their tutors for: creating and modifies documents using Microsoft Office; Performing general office duties; Using a photocopier, printer, and scanner; Preparing, scanning and placing documents in electronic and paper filing systems; Maintaining and managing inventory control of materials and suppliers. This is one of the many tasks the tutors prepared for their clients.

In addition to the administration sector, the tutors also worked to help care for the elderly and to help them sell. Each of them had contact with people who showed how to approach tasks professionally and do their job properly.

During these short two weeks, students also took a trip to Gibraltar. The weather during the day spent in such an interesting place was ideal for meeting the animals biting the rock.

Thanks to the euroMind team, they got to know Malaga and its history, and when they had free time, they gathered strength for sunbathing and active spending of time.


Tjaša Dolšina

The time I spent in Malaga was truly magical. It was a one of a kind experience and I think I fell in love with Spain. Our excursions were interesting and fun and our workdays weren’t too hard so it was easy to deal. My favourite moments were all the times I got to explore Torremolinos and Malaga on my own. I am already planning on returning there soon.


Nina Vrtačnik

My experience was really great, I saw a lot of new things and I also learned a lot from where I had my work training. I worked in a shop with clothes and all the people I’ ve met there were really nice. Even though they could not speak English we were still able to communicate. There was also a lot of English speaking customers so I was able to help them.


Tajda Fejyić

I worked in a shop where I was renting bikes and electric scooters. Every day we had to set up the bikes and clean them. When  customer came we explained how the electric scooter works so they will know how to use it. If a bike was broken, we fixed it. We also had pedals and rollers. My experiences in Málaga was really good.



Project Details

Project Title: Zagorje Mobility - To Gain New Knowledge in Teneriffe and Malaga
Project Number: KA1-VET-12/18
Number of participants: 16
Country: Slovenia

All Projects, Business Administration, Health & Beauty, Nursing, Shop Assistant
administration, Bussines, Nurse, shop assistant