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About This Project

In November, euroMind in Seville welcomed a group of 14 students to carry out internships as e-buggy technicians. The trainees were in Seville for two weeks and had the opportunity to experience Andalusian culture alongside their internships.


The trainees had a number of responsibilities as e-buggy technicians. These included manufacturing and adjusting vehicle elements, fixing and adjusting parts, carrying out quality control assessments, and testing or analyzing different components of the e-buggies. They also learnt how to assemble various parts, as well as to fabricate parts according to plans.


In addition to their placements, the trainees also participated in numerous cultural activities. The first of these was a Seville Tour, run by the euroMind team. As Seville is the largest city in Andalusia, it can be easy to get lost, however the team showed the trainees the best places to shop and eat, as well as allowing the trainees to understand the city from a historical and artistic point of view. They also participated in a Tapas Night, where they had the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, experience a typical Spanish social atmosphere, and try some Andalusian specialties. Furthermore, the trainees visited the main town in the Sierra de Aracena mountain range called Aracena. There are many interesting monuments and attractions in Aracena, and the trainees’ favourite were the Grutas de la Maravillas (Caves of Wonder), a cave complex that the town is famous for. Finally, the group visited the Portugese town of Olhao which is on the coast and famous for its numerous beaches and Natural Park. They visited the centre, experienced Portuguese architecture, walked along the ocean promenade, and visited the local market.


The trainees really enjoyed their time with euroMind in Seville, and look forward to implementing the skills they learnt during their placements to their work at home. They will also take the appreciation for both Spanish language and culture back with them to Poland.


Wojciech Bojko

The stay in Spain was an interesting experience for me. During our stay in Seville, we visited many interesting places. We visited the bull arena for Spain. Thanks to our guide, we visited interesting places and learned a lot about them. We had the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in the ocean. In the afternoon we went to internships, where being guided by kind teachers we built an electric car that exceeded our expectations. During apprenticeships I had the opportunity to learn how to weld. We also went to Spanish lessons where we learned a few phrases and words. Every day we were pampered by the staff of the residence. In my opinion, the trip was very successful, we had the opportunity to visit a lot, learn and meet many friendly people.

Kacper Herman

During my internship in Spain in the city of Sevilla, I acquired new practical skills and got to know this beautiful city. I tried local delicacies during the Tapas evening and had the opportunity to see interesting attractions in the city. Internships made a huge impression on me. There were large workshops in which, step by step, I was building an electric car. I improved welding, routing and learned to paint using the powder method. I think I have learned a lot of useful knowledge that will be useful in the future.



Project Details

Project Title: POW ER Kształć sie globalnie pracuj lokalnie
Project Number: POWERVET-2018-1-PL01-KA102-049205
Number of participants: 14
Country: Poland, Cieszynie

All Projects, Car mechanics, Electronics, Mechatronic engineering, Robotics
E-buggy, electrotechnics, technicians