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About This Project


In October 2019, 16 students from Poland came to Malaga to spend two weeks doing their internship in mobile app development. They could gain professional experience and enjoy Spanish culture and weather.


The young interns dealt with many tasks and responsibilities. Firstly, they got familiarized with programming, basic architecture of devices, and with Android system. They also took part in the process of creating and running software projects for Android. Finally, the students started making their own mobile app. They designed components of user interface and navigation system and later they implemented the database maintenance along with geolocation technologies, such as Google Maps.


Additionally, the interns participated in many trips and cultural activities. The euroMind team showed them the most beautiful places in Malaga during the city tour. Then, they went on a trip to Ronda – a charming village located in the Andalusian mountains. During the day-trip, the students were able to see the beautiful scenery surrounding Ronda including its well-preserved old town. The interns also visited Cordoba which gave them a chance to see The Great Mosque.


Przemysław Adamus

Coming to Malaga was one of the most interesting events in my life. I flew on a plane for the first time. The whole group lived in one building so that we could integrate even better. I learned the programming language and worked in the UNITY environment. The tutor was communicative and willing to help. I will remember this trip for my whole life.

Cezary Obara

The apprenticeship in Spain – I think it was a success, I think I brought out a lot of new skills and knowledge. For two weeks I got to know the new environment, language (not only programming) and, most importantly, new working environment that I had no contact with. I think the training conditions were very good and the group of employees who trained us was pleasant and always willing to help.



Project Details

Project Title: Staż zagraniczny dla technika - wchodzę w to!
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-063892
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Starachowice

All Projects, IT
Mobile apps, Programming