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About This Project

In October, a group of 18 Polish students with two teachers was hosted by euroMind in Úbeda, to carry out a three weeks-long internship placement. Here, they were working as hairdressers, car mechanics,  shop assistants and pastry cooks.


Shop assistants were organizing the storage process by activity and goods volume, optimizing space and handling times, as well as helping to unpack and set prices in the goods which are on the packets/boxes.  The hairdressers were assisting in hair lightening and discoloration using the modern techniques and hairdressing utensils. They have learned how to use the hairdryer and comb – which is done in a different way in Spain.  The main tasks car mechanics carried out were: checking the condition of shock absorbers, checking and removing batteries from the car, helping with the diagnosis of the exhaust system, providing proper care of the car, helping with changing the timing belt and much more. And finally,  the pastry cooks had the opportunity to work in a local, family-run pastry café where many customers come, and they learned how this type of business is run and they are now specialists in preparing Spanish breakfasts and sweets.


During their stay in Ubeda, the trainees not only developed their practices, but they also took part in different cultural activities and workshops which allowed them to immerse themselves in the environment of Spanish culture and feel like Spanish people in the city of Ubeda and its surroundings.


They visited the cave of Nerja where the largest stalactite in the world is located, reaching a height of 60 meters and registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Furthermore, they saw the magnificent town of Nerja, the Balcon of Europe and its fantastic cliff beaches. So, having seen this, they headed for the most beautiful village in Spain – Frigiliana. A white village with its charming blue gates, narrow streets, millions of stairs and a supreme peace and quiet. The trainees also took part in a tapas night, which was a fantastic opportunity to try the local cuisine in a local bar and to experience an authentic Spanish atmosphere as well as the tapas specialties.


The internship has not only been a time to develop knowledge of the sector but also to learn Spanish, get to know a completely different culture, make new friends and develop interpersonal skills. We hope that all of this will be an unforgettable memory for our interns and that in the future they will be able to take advantage of everything they have learned during their stay.



Mateusz Megiel

Thanks to my internship in Spain I learnt a lot, more than in Poland. I learnt many new techniques that I had never learnt before. I have never had the opportunity to work on a truck, to repair it and to learn what it is made of. I really enjoyed this three-week internship and I would like it to continue.



Wiktoria Małach

The difference between Polish and Spanish hairdressing is 50/50. Haircuts and coloring are the same, but the techniques are different. I noticed that people in Spain have thicker and more hair than Polish people. Spanish women prefer naturalness and care for their scalp and hair. They want to be comfortable.  Polish women cannot imagine going out with a wet head or without styling their hair, while Spanish women will go out even with a wet head. I would like to work with such hair in the future.



Ania Sadkowska

The internship was very nice. I learned a lot of things, like how to make tasty coffee and how to make a gratin. Very nice and friendly people welcomed us, showed us a lot of things and asked us to help them at work. Working in Poland is very different from working in Spain. I learned a lot about how to behave in Spain and how to eat here. Our tutor explained most of the work very well and showed us how to do it.





Project Details

Project Number:2019-1-PL01-KA102-063014
Number of participants: 18
Country: Poland; Pasłęk, Olecko

All Projects, Car mechanics, Gastronomy, Hairdressing, Health & Beauty, Shop Assistant
car, Car mechanic, hair, Hairdresser, pastry cook, Pastry Cooking, shop, shop assistant