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About This Project

In May 2019, two social workers from Italy came to Seville to do their three-month internship in fundraising and project management in a non-profit company.


The mission of the host company is the defense of fundamental rights, care and support for people who are in a situation of social exclusion. Thus, the main tasks performed by the interns were connected to social inclusion processes for refugees. They supported various professionals in the development of their activities as well as provided newly arrived immigrants with information. In addition, the interns organized cultural and awareness-raising events. Among their responsibilities, there also was disseminating information via social networks, blogs, web pages. What is more, Italians took part in various activities, such as language learning, social skills, computer literacy, workshops, etc.



Micol Terni

We heard intense stories. The contact with people made us realize how lucky we are. People made us believe that by fighting for rights we can change the world. We learnt to be grateful every day. We can be the hope of the future for a person who has lost everything.



Project Details

Project Title: Vocational training placements in leading Non-Profit European organizations
Project Number: 2018-1-IT01-KA102-006594
Number of participants: 2
Country: Italy, Bologna

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Social work