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About This Project

In October, a group of Polish students with their teachers was hosted by euromind in Seville, to carry out a three weeks-long internship placement. They were working as computer numerical control operators and electricians.



Electricians were preparing and installing components of the light system, assisting in the installation of the electrical systems and maintenance tasks in private houses and companies’ buildings as well as repairing defective installations, machines and electrical devices. The computer numerical control operators were operating and monitoring machines for cutting, drilling and grinding the metal. They have learned how to interpret plans and technical pictures.  The main tasks administrative assistants carried out were: updating payments, timetables, class changes, catch-up classes, taking care of payments, organizing and supervising the data and files from the projects in the database and managing the company’s social media platforms.



During their stay in Seville, the trainees not only developed their work competencies, but they also took part in different cultural activities and workshops which allowed them to get acquainted with Spanish culture and feel like Spanish people in the city of Seville and its surroundings.



They visited Cordoba, a city in Andalucía, southern Spain. During the trip,the trainees visited The Great Mosque of Córdoba which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which used to be an Islamic mosque but later converted into a Catholic Christian Cathedral. Furthermore, they also visited the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs, The Calahorra Tower which now hosts a museum of three cultures and The Roman Bridge of Córdoba which was built in early 1st century BC.



They also took part in a basic spanish language course with euromind´s teacher. They learned some basic polite expressions and words to be able to communicate with Spanish people. We hope this course encouraged them to continue learning this language when they´d be back home!



The internship has not only been a time to develop knowledge of the sector but also to learn Spanish, get to know a completely different culture, make new friends and develop interpersonal skills. We hope that all of this will be an unforgettable memory for our interns and that in the future they will be able to take advantage of everything they have learned during their stay.


Marlena Drańska

I have always dreamed of visiting Spaniards. Thanks to these practices, my dream came true. Every moment here is great. The smile on my face does not go away. This whole journey is one of the best things that happened to me in my life. It could not have been better. Internships give me many new experiences. I also develop skills that I already have. The company I work for is great, there is a nice atmosphere and a sense of humor.

Kacper Czarnecki

An apprenticeship in Spain is one of the best things that has happened to me. I learned new things, for example repairing power modules for CNC machine tools or using electric and manual tools for drilling and planing holes. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places in this country that I will never forget. Accommodation and hospitality met my expectations. I evaluate the whole trip as an adventure that I could certainly recommend to everyone.

Miłosz Litwin

My internships was really interesting, I learned a bunch of new things. In most cases, regional food tastes good to me except for seafood, because I just do not like them. Speaking about the trips to: Cordoba and Malaga I liked them a lot. Erasmus was an amazing experince, hope I will had an opportunity to do something like that again in the near future.



Project Details

Project Title: Gotowi do startu... Erasmus!
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-080515
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Kwidzyn

All Projects, CNC, Electricians, Electronics
CNC operator, electrician, Electronic