French students gained experience in Úbeda in the profession of electrician, industrial maintenance and, trade and selling | Euromind
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About This Project

At the end of the May, twelve French students from Brest came to Úbeda for five weeks. They worked as electricians, agricultural machines mechanics and shop assistants.


The electricians got to travel around the province of Jaen to clients´ houses or business, where they helped with installations and repairs.


The agricultural machines mechanics helped to repair and replace parts in agricultural machines. They learned more about the olive oil production process since this is a very important part of the agricultural sector in Úbeda.


Finally, the shop assistants worked in a clothes shop, helping to unpack and put out clothes, as well as making sure that the shop stayed tidy.


Our French students stayed with host families in Úbeda. This was a great opportunity for them because it gave them the chance to practice their Spanish and immerse themselves in Spanish culture. Some of the students were lucky enough to go on trips with their host families, for example to the nearby town of Baeza, a UNESCO world heritage site along with Úbeda. All the families really enjoyed hosting these French students and felt that they gained a lot from the experience, for example, a chance to learn more about French culture in return.


In their free time, our trainees also had the chance to explore Úbeda and some of them even had the chance to visit other cities in Andalusia, such as Granada and Malaga.


We hope our trainees had an amazing time in Úbeda and learned a lot from both their work placements and their host families!



Manon Guianvarch

My internship went very well; each day we were given more responsibilities. We dressed the mannequins, looked for products in the stockroom, put anti-theft devices on clothing and even answered the customers´ questions. I liked working in there a lot, the work was very different to work in France, but I preferred it. It was a unique experience, and I was very happy with it.


Nathanael Mauguen

My internship went really well, my colleagues were great, and I learned new things. I could do things that I liked, like welding, and I also learned how to use a paint gun, which is a difficult machine to use.

Ewen Danielou

My boss was very friendly, he explained what we had to do and showed us how to do it. Then he let us do it and if we weren’t successful, he showed us a different method. I tried to integrate myself into the business and speak Spanish or English.



Project Details

Project Title: Praktyka zagraniczna - szansą na dobre zatrudnienie
Project Number: 2020-1-PL01- KA102-079909
Number of participants: 22
Country: Poland, Bielawa

All Projects, Electricians, Shop Assistant
electrician, industrial maintenance, shop assistant