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About This Project

In August a group of 15 students from the Technical School of Economics in Szczecin together with their teachers visited Ubeda to do a 3-week internship in the profession of logistics and advertising organizer.


Advertising organizers worked on different tasks that entail wrapping cars, printing banners or serigraphy.Their tasks included processing photos, creating advertising videos, preparing prices, formatting databases, and running social media. Logisticians, on the other hand, were in charge of the warehouse and production. In the warehouse they learned how to store, pick and check goods, and create pallet units. On the other hand, in production, they were responsible for the manufacture of goods, their quality and packaging and storage. Depending on the location, trainees picked orders, restocked shelves and took deliveries.


The trainees had the opportunity to travel through Andalusian cities such as Jaen, where they could see the beautiful castle on top of the mountain – Castilllo de Santa Catalina, Córdoba, where they admired the charming street of flowers – Callejas de las Flores and the cathedral of La Mezquita, or Nerja, which is a beautiful coastal town that is popular among tourists not only because of the views from the Balcony of Europe, but also because of the prehistoric caves, where the largest stalagmite in the world is located at 32m. They also visited Granada which lies at the foot of Sierra Nevada. The trainees had the opportunity to hear about the importance of the Catholic monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand, as well as they visit the famous Alhambra, the place where Isabella and Ferdinand raised the flag to mark the capture of Granada.


They also visited Baeza, a town near Ubeda in the province of Jaén. Baeza is famous due to one of the best preserved examples of Renaissance architecture in Spain, moreover it belongs to UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003. In addition, the interns took part in culture activity called tapas night, which was a fantastic opportunity to try the local cuisine in a local bar, ang get in  the authentic Spanish atmosphere.


The traineeship was not only a time to learn and practice, but also to get to know the Spanish language, a completely different culture, meet new people and develop interpersonal skills. We hope that the whole stay will be an unforgettable memory for our trainees and that in the future they will be able to use everything they learned during their stay.


Marta Adamska

During my apprenticeship I develop my communication and computer skills. I improved handling Microsoft package. I learned persererance, patience and also organization of my workplace in the office. I really like my intreship.




Oskar Luch

I saw many beautiful places during my internship.  I met a lot of great people and learned a lot of useful things related to logistics.




Amelia Puchniarska

I am glad that I did an internship in this company. I have learned a lot of new things, for example packing orders and producing crisps. The staff were eager to help and they were nice to me.






Project Details

Project Title: Dobry zawód dobra praca
Project Number:2020-1-PL01- KA102-080246
Number of participants: 15
Country: Poland, Szczecin

All Projects, Logistics, Marketing
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