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About This Project

In february a group from Lębork had the opportunity to work in different fields, such as administration, gastronomy and lab analysis. Some of the tasks carried out during the work placement included:

– updating payments, schedules, class shifts, recoveries of the classes
– providing customers with the menu, provide information about its content and other advice,
recommend combinations
– checking and restocking tea, coffee, sugar, milk and mini bar supplies
– undertaking general administration including text processing, dealing with enquiry’s and routine correspondence, photocopying, scanning, filing, etc.

– taking care of the order in the store: unpacking goods, stocking shelves, arranging displays
– weighing, measuring and mixing ingredients according to recipes and personal judgment
with the use of available kitchen appliances and equipment



The trainees were fully satisfied with their work placements. Furthermore, they gained much needed professional experience abroad.



Moreover, by working with local people, they had the chance to learn about Spanish language and culture. They also had a lot of fun by participating in many cultural activity, such as tapas night, Seville and Malaga tour, flamenco show, etc.


Thanks to intensive spanish lessons, they could also extend their vocabulary and language skills. All of the participants passed the final exam with very good results!


Marcelina Flak  

I appreciate the internship in Spain very well, I had the opportunity to work with very nice people. I learned a lot of interesting information about Malaga and curiosities related to the Spanish
language. I also assess the accommodation positively, there was a variety of food and very nice
people at the reception, who willingly gave a lot of useful information. Excursions organized by
Euromind were very interesting. I will remember my stay in Spain very nice, I am glad that I
decided to come here.

Kamila Boszke

A stay in Malaga will always remain unforgettable. I could not imagine a better adventure, starting
with a trip to Munich, then to Valencia and Malaga, through a great place of practice, finishing with great coordinators of the whole trip. The crew was like one big family to me. The approach and organization of Kuba and Ania exceeded my wildest expectations. Despite several obstacles and challenges that our fate set for our group, I can not imagine that this trip could have taken place in a different way.

Adriana Lisiecka

I liked my internship in Malaga very much. I have met many new people. At work I learned a lot and the atmosphere in it was fantastic.

Bartosz Tandek

Internships in Malaga were very successful. Great atmosphere. Accommodation with good food.

Aleksandra Gierszewska

A two-week internship allowed me to learn a lot and even more to see. Each trip or class was very
well organized and allowed to get to know Malaga and Seville. Practice in the company allowed me
to see what the work in the kitchen looks like and, above all, what the Spanish cuisine looks like and how it tastes. Overall, I evaluate the trip very good.

Paulina Klassa

I really enjoyed the two-week trip to Malaga. Thanks to him I learned independence, teamwork, Spanish language and survival in stressful situations. I evaluate the trip very good. The trips were well organized and it was possible to visit a lot and learn about a given place. I would happily return to this place.

Izabela Pruba

I liked the practices very much. There was a great atmosphere at work. Employees, despite their regular knowledge of English, were able to communicate with me and always welcomed me with a smile. The work wasn’t so hard, so the time spent in it passed quickly. I rate the accommodation very well. The variety of dishes served in the canteen and the care or cleanliness of the rooms by the staff of the hostel is a big plus. Excursions planned by Euromind were well organized and allowed me to get to know the city better. Overall, I consider my stay in Malaga to be very successful.

Paulina Choszcz

I really enjoyed the two-week internship in Malaga. People here are friendly and helpful. The work had a nice atmosphere and I could learn both office work and Spanish. Thanks to this trip I gained a lot of experience and would happily go back here again.

Magdalena Wrońska

The stay in Spain was very nice. Thanks to the practice, I gained a lot of experience and met wonderful people. Our coordinator, Jakub, was wonderful. Thanks to his help, we felt at home.



Project Details

Project Title: Młodzi ekonomiści na europejskim rynku pracy
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-048228
Number of participants: 15
Country: Poland, Bydgoszcz

All Projects, Business Administration, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry, Laboratory, Marketing, Restaurant industry, Shop Assistant
administration, administrative, advertising, gastronomy, hotel, marketing, restaurant, shop assistant