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About This Project

On the 22nd November 2015, our euroMind team in Seville had the pleasure to meet this group of 15 Croatian trainees. Ready for their two-week internship on solar energy and looking forward to building a self-sufficient eco house, the trainees showed a great motivation and willingness to learn. During their practical training, the trainees carried out tasks such as:


  • Calculating the amount and size of the components of solar system
  • Considering the conditions and the needs of a client
  • Montage of the photovoltaic system components, checking if the system works properly
  • Montage of solar panels on a sloping roof
  • Montage of a small solar plant connected to the electrical power network
  • Montage of irrigation system using solar energy


But their stay abroad wasn’t limited to work, the trainees also had the opportunity to discover what Spain has to offer! The trainees visited a solar power plant, paid a visit to the royal bullring, and went on a trip to Cadiz.


Filip Rosandić:

‘During the course I learned more about solar panels and connecting solar panels, connecting electric circuits with lights, switches, inverters, electric boxes and batteries. I’m very happy to have had this great chance.’

Josip Murgić:

‘This experience has been very important for me because participating in the training course I learned a lot of electricity and solar panels. I am very happy that I had a chance to go to Spain.’



Project Details

Project Title: STEPs 4 Learning Innovation for Education
Project Number: 2015-1-HR01-KA102-012799
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Gospić (Croatia)

All Projects, Construction, Electricians, Plumbing, Renewable energies