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About This Project

In April, Euromind greeted 16 polish trainees to learn more about Programming mobile apps in Seville.  Participants had a group training in a company specialized in Web design and Google Web positioning.


Students could learn more about programming mobile devices: basic architecture of device and Android system (software emulators for virtual mobile devices), the process of creating and running software projects for Android. And also the processes: run, debug, transfer (import) applications, designing components of user interface in mobile application, using templates, designing navigation system in mobile apps (menu options, contextual menu items SlideMenu and NavigationDrawer, tabs), usage of the builtin hardware components of mobile devices application such as: camera, camcorder, media player, GPS receiver, compass, stopwatch, design and implementation of database maintenance in mobile app using database…


During the group training, students enjoyed a study visit in a centre which offers acceleration programs for start-ups from highly innovative sectors that are dealing with ICT technologies investors. The students familiarize themselves with technologies used by supported teams working in the company.


They also had the opportunity to get deeper insight into the Spanish culture thanks to a city tour, a visit of a unique wooden structure called Las Setas in Seville, a tapas night and a trip to Cadiz.


Piotr Kula

In my opinion, the trip to Spain for internship was a very interesting experience. Our teacher Alvaro was a nice, resourceful and entrepreneurial person. He gave us many useful tips in life, such as the basics of starting your own business, entrepreneurship and showed us how to run a company well. Together, we got to know the secrets of the Flutter Programming Tool for Android. Throughout the period of practice, he strongly believed in us and kept his fingers crossed for our working. I would say that I never give up, pursue our goal and do what we think is good. During our stay in Seville, we took part in many trips and excursions with our great coordinator – Mr. Jakub. By far the best was the one to Cadiz by the Atlantic Ocean. There we visited many places and monuments, bathed in the ocean and tried the local cuisine. Also, in Seville we were not bored. We had the opportunity to see the whole beautiful old town with winding, narrow streets, the famous Las Setas or Plaza de Espana. It was definitely one of the best trips in my life.



Sebastian Wnuk

I think this internship organized by Euromind, is the best idea for a good start of thinking about the future. I visited a bit of Spain where I learned a lot. Our coordinator was great, he showed me the streets of Andalusia. We got to know Spanish culture and traditions. During the internship our mentor Alvaro helped us a lot giving us plenty of useful tips and seemed to be a really cool person. I learned some important information about programming application. We have a lot of free time after our internship. The food in our residence is the best in the whole Spain. I’m sure that in the future I will choose this type of work and try to do everything to come back to Spain.



Project Details

Project Title: Mobilny informatyk w Europie
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-049607
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Kraśnik

All Projects, IT, Telecommunications
IT, Mobile apps, Programming