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About This Project

In October 2018, we had the opportunity to host a group from Polish city Boleslawiec which had done their traineeship in the organisation SAFA Nuestra Señora de los Reyes, which is specialized in the field of Microsystem Technologies and Network Systems Management. The professional staff provided our group an opportunity to additionally learn about renewable energy sources – basically a solar energy subject.

Among the main responsibilities of our trainees were:

  • recognizing the quality of the solar energy and the risks of working with solar energy
  • recognizing the types of photo-voltaic cells such as polycrystalline or amorphous
  • checking, identifying different types of controllers, its programming and functioning
  • assembling, calculating and designing a solar installation on a computer
  • assembling an electrical panel, AC power circuits and solar circuits of the house

What is more, their stay was enriched with diverse cultural activities. They completed a Spanish course which helped them to better  understand not only locals, but also the professional side of their field in the Spanish environment. They did a study visit in Abengoa, which is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environmental sectors. They also visited Malaga and a Portugese city Tavira, which enabled them to enjoy sunny days on the beach and get to know the local culture.

We wish our group all the best for the future, which we know is going to be guaranteed after such a wonderful experience in Sevilla!


abengoa guy

Krysztof Piotr Żak: 

This visit in Spain was very nice. I visited the most interesting places in Sevilla, like the gardens of Alcazar. Food was very delicious, people were nice and helpful. The traineeship was very interesting; I have learnt a lot of interesting things. I am very happy about this travel because for me it was the best adventure of my life.


abengoa 2

Damian Mrozik:

I learned a lot about photovoltaic panels and electrical installations in Spain. During the internship, Manuel (tutor) was very helpful and understanding. Our coordinators showed us each side of Sevilla so we did not have time to get bored. The only downside of this trip is that it ended.



Project Details

Project Title: Nowe technologie szansą do nabycia europejskich kompetencji kluczowych
Project Number: 2017-1-PL01-KA102-036797
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Boleslawiec (Poland)

Agriculture, All Projects, Construction, Renewable energies