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About This Project

The first group that we hosted in the year 2018 in Ubeda, was a group of 12 Polish cooks and pastry cooks from Elbląg. They came here at the beginning of January to spend three weeks working in local companies and developing their professional abilities.



Polish trainees learned the characteristics of the typical Spanish cuisine. They found out how to organize and coordinate work in the restaurant or the pastry shop.

The cooks got to know names and recipes of some of the local specialties and various tapas.

Pastry trainees gain the knowledge about typical Spanish desserts. They were preparing different kinds of creams, dough and biscuits. They could show their creativity while decorating cakes.


During their stay, the trainees participated in a Spanish course. They practiced basic expressions, they learned the vocabulary from their sector. That helped them to communicate better at work.

The first day of the group in Ubeda a member of euroMind´s team took everyone for a walk around the city showing them the most important monuments and places.

The trainees had a chance to try some typical Spanish snacks during Tapas Night, where they ate, talked, laughed and got to know each other better.

The most important product for the economy of Ubeda is olive oil. The group finds out all about it in the Centre of Interpretation of Olive Oil and Olive Grove “La Loma”. They could taste different kinds of olive oil and estimate their quality.

One Sunday the group spend visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Spain – Granada. They went to the best viewpoints, they could admire an impressive Cathedral and fabulous Moorish palace – Alhambra. In addition, they could see the highest Christmas Tree in Europe in front of Nevada, the main commercial center of Granada.



We wish our trainees all the best in their professional carriers. We trust, that the things they learned during their stay and the experience they gained will serve them in their future.


maciek k
Maciej Kisłowski

‘I am completely satisfied with the internship. I think the restaurant which I worked at was the best choice for me. For three weeks of the internship, I worked with pleasure. Not only I have learned many new recipes, but I also know I can work under pressure of time and I know how to solve problems. When someone made a mistake, they smiled and looked for a solution in a family atmosphere’.

Natalia c

Natalia   Cebula:

‘I am very content with the internship. It was an interesting experience to work in a typical Spanish restaurant with so nice people. I worked with pleasure and I am sure I will miss my tutors back in Poland’.


Maciej   Bujnowski:

‘I am very content with my internship. The people from my work welcomed me warmly. They were incredibly kind, helpful and hardworking. I recommend the international internship to everybody. It is an amazing and unforgettable experience, especially if one works with such wonderful persons’.



Project Details

Project Title: Zagraniczne staże uczniowskie
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA116-023675
Number of participants: 12
City & country: Elbląg (Poland)

All Projects, Baker, Gastronomy, Restaurant industry