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About This Project

For a week at the end of May 2015, 5 Croatian teachers and a headmaster of vocational education came to have a look at the centers in Seville. These professionals – two architects, a civil engineer, a sculptor, a doctor of arts and the headmaster, a physicist – visited a different center every day in de different sectors they teach in and talked to the local teachers. Some of their observations:


‘In our Croatian school it could also be possible to organize courses in CAD (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD) in adults’ education. Srednja škola Bedekovčina has all goods and knowledge to design and build a little Zero energy house, for the purposes of the students’ education. Photovoltaic plant on the schools’ roof could also be a nice idea and could make further benefit in education to minimizing carbon emission and supporting sustainable energy development. Our school will try to find other European partners in these fields of interest.’


‘We’ve learned so much about the production, factory development and different styles and masterpieces of Andalusian pottery. Many signs still present at the streets of Sevilla, Cordoba or Granada originated from Triana district in Seville. The interior design of the Museum and first presentation of the creating a pottery are amazing.’


Overall, the reaction of the teachers was very positive and they went home with new insights and fresh ideas. We were very happy with their stay and wish them the best of luck in their professions.



Project Details

Project Title: Together with Young People in Europe
Project Number: 2014-1-HR01-KA102-000301
Number of participants: 6
City & country: Bedekovčina (Croatia)

All Projects, Arts, Construction, Renewable energies, VET Teachers