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About This Project

Who would say no to going abroad to exchange knowledge, skills and competences with people from other nationalities, schools or cultures? 16 trainees of the Państwowe Szkoły Budownictwa im. prof. Mariana Osińskiego in Poland were given the great opportunity to do a practical training on solar energy in a Sevillian vocational school. During their two-week stay in February 2017, their main responsibilities consisted of:


-Designing an isolated solar installation by using computer

-Measuring by a multimeter voltage and intensity according to the degree of inclination

-Organizing panels in series, parallel and mixed and checking their parameters

-Adjusting panels according to seasonal optimal tilt

-Verifying, identifying and maintaining batteries and inverters

-Calculating solar installation by using the computer

-Installing a solar system connected to network and hydraulic installation


Of course, their stay was not limited to working on renewable energy. During their free time, the trainees had the opportunity to learn some Spanish with one of our teachers, to visit te city on foot and during a cruise on the Guadalquivir, and to visit the Andalusian cities Ronda and Granada.


We were very pleased with the trainees and hope they had an interesting stay as well.



Beniamin Scharmach:

‘The trip was very successful, my fear of the language barrier turned out to be unnecessary. With the help of the teachers I learned basic Spanish and went through training in the installation of solar panels. Thanks to the ingenuity of cook talent Inma; I tried local specialties and we certainly never went hungry. I evaluate the whole trip very positively, Spain is a beautiful country, and in the future I would definitely visit it again.’

Partyk W

Patryk Wojtowicz:

‘I’m very happy that I could get such a great opportunity to learn some interesting information and  get useful skills. Our house was impressive. The personnel was very calm and friendly. I enjoyed the trip.’



Project Details

Project Title: Nowoczesne budownictwo – nowe oblicze świata
Project Number: 2016-1-PL01-KA102-024719
Number of participants: 16
City & country: Gdańsk (Poland)

All Projects, Renewable energies