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About This Project

In May 2018, a group of 16 students from Poland came to Málaga to attend group training in the  fields of food technology and hospitality.

The trainees were fully satisfied with their work placements. They gained much needed professional experience abroad which is highly appreciated and sometimes even specifically asked by today’s employers.

We have no doubt that our trainees will use their new knowledge and experience at their current work in their home country or increase their chances at the labour market and dazzle their future potential employers. Moreover, the trainees learnt the basics of the Spanish language were able to work in a multi-cultural environment and proved themselves with the ability to work individually as well as in a team.

Some of their tasks in the field of food technology were:

– Getting to know the laboratory equipment, laboratory materials and safety procedures
– Preparing solutions according to the recommendations of the tutor
– Sampling and analysis of samples
– Prepare the equipment and keep it in order
– Physicochemical tests
– Determination of the acidity of the substance
– Water hardness analysis
– Eliminating laboratory waste and sterilizing of materials and machines
– Describing and analyzing the results of experiments

While, in the field of hospitality they had the follow tasks:

– Setting tables with clean linen or placemats, cutlery, crockery and glasses
– Welcoming, seating customers and handing them menus
– Talking to guests about the menu and drinks and recommending combinations
– Promoting local products and attractions to visitors from Spain and from the overseas
– Taking customers’ orders and passing them to kitchen staff or bar attendants
– Serving food and drinks
– Collecting table reservations
– Clearing tables and returning dishes and cutlery to the kitchen
Besides the internship, students had various other activities to get a deeper insight in Spanish culture. Firstly, they had a short, dynamic and intense Spanish course, which was taught through interactive ways and exercises. Moreover, students had cultural activities like Málaga city tour with Erasmus guide, which helps our trainees to understand the city from a historical and artistic point of view, but also gives them some shopping and eating tips. The group is showed the most attractive places where they can go and grab something to eat, drink, have fun or just relax and hang out. And finally students had opportunity to visit and explore other cities like Seville or Gibraltar!


Barbara Byrska

I’m  satisfied with working on professional equipment and qualified people. Nice atmosphere, without stress. This was a beautiful experience because I grow up a lot. I really enjoyed the time in Málaga with Euromind and its cultural activities and trips. I would recommend to everyone to do it.

Alexsandra Gazda

I like the decor of the hotel and learning a new language. Thanks to this experience I grow up a lot and I become more confident. It was important for me to clear my mind and understand what I want to in my life. This was the most important thing that I figured it out.

Agnieszka Kubarek

I really love put myself to the test. Moreover, I like the nice atmosphere and learning a new language. I really enjoy the most beautiful places of the city and the trips. I also like the cultural activities.



Project Details

Project Title: European practice makes perfect
Project Number: 2018-1-PL01-KA102-037222
Number of participants: 16
Country: Poland, Wadowichach

All Projects, Food Production, Hotel Industry, Laboratory
Food Technology, Hospitality