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About This Project

Students from Zespół Szkół Zawodowych w Giżycku on their adventure on the Iberian Peninsula. A group of 16 brave Poles came to do their abroad internship in Malaga.


The interns did their training in Hospitality and Gastronomy sectors. In cooperation with our partners, they had the opportunity to learn the secrets of working in positions such as housekeeper or cook in different types of bars, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.


They also had an opportunity to learn the basics of the Spanish language, visit local museums and try Spanish churros. After the workshops, they had a chance to relax and enjoy the delights of Malaga. At weekends they were travelling around Andalusia and visited, among others, the famous and beautiful city of Ronda.


Now it’s time for your long-awaited holidays guys, be sure to make the most of it and come back soon!



Justyna Włodkowska

I signed up for a project and I think it was the best decision in my life. I visited a gorgeous city of Malaga. I had an internship in a restaurant, where I learnt how to prepare seafood and it is the most important experience that I gained. Certainly not many people in Poland in my profession have had such an opportunity to witness first-hand the entire process of preparing fresh seafood straight from Spain. I met a friendly people in my workplace. I improved my communication skills as I talk to others without stress. I enjoyed the trip very much and will remember it.

Paulina Taraszkiewicz

I did my internship in a pastry shop. During my practice, I learned to make various confectionery products. I spend my free time with my friends exploring the city of Malaga. In my spare time, I saw many interesting places to which I would love to come back with great pleasure. Spain is such a beautiful country, completely different from Poland. I met a lot of wonderful people and I would like to come back here again.

Kacper Sadowski

My internship in a hotel was excellent. This gave me advantage of learning a bit of Spanish language and also improving my English language. Aside of that I also improved my skills in hotel duties. As for my stay I would say that I will keep it in my memory for a long time. I have seen many cultural monuments and I have been in other cities such as Mijas and Ronda. Personally I would recommend this for others.



Project Details

Project title: Najlepsze praktyki zawodowe w Hiszpanii szansą na sukces zawodowy
Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA102-062597
Number of participants: 16
Country: Giżycko, Poland

All Projects, Food Production, Gastronomy, Hotel Industry
cook, gastronomy, Hospitality, pastry cook