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About This Project

s there any better place to practise your art skills than southern Spain with its rich and historical heritage?

Of course not!

The best proof of this was highlighted in the experiences and skills gained in Úbeda by a group of young artists from the Secondary Art School in Kežmarok (Slovakia). In June 2014 euroMind had a pleasure of hosting very creative and talented youths who were studying photographic design, pottery, graphic design, carpentry, and video production. They carried out their placement in various companies, studios and agencies from their particular area of interest. Professional tutors and artists provided advice and showed the students new and interesting solutions – highly important for our young artists.

It is said that travel broadens the mind. Indeed! Our trainees, in addition to their placement, were also developing their communication skills in a new language (thanks to our Spanish course) and getting to know interesting stories about monuments and cities (Málaga and Granada) in magnificent Andalucia. All in all, they came back home with different and more positive attitude to new challeges both in their professional and private lives.


Dária Dupčáková:

‘I enjoyed this placement very much. I have gained new knowledge and learned operating procedure. I have got great time during my stay in Spain. In future I wish to work in Spain.’

Ladislava Zavacká:

‘I am glad that I had the opportunity to have an internship in Spain. I have learned a lot and I have become familiar with new techniques.’



Project Details

Project Title: Professional training of Secondary Art School Students aimed at increasing suppositions for versatility at European labour market
Project Number: IVT Leonardo 133210336
Number of participants: 15
City & country: Slovakia

All Projects, Arts, Carpentry, Graphic Design, Marketing, Media, Photography